Website launched to “save” tickets for postponed events, concerts


Dutch theaters, concert halls, music venues, event- and sports organizers, museums, and festivals together launched a website where consumers can “save” their tickets for events that had been postponed or canceled due to the coronavirus. With the motto “save your ticket, enjoy it later”, the sector hopes that fewer people will ask for refunds, and promised to come up with “appropriate solutions” for ticket holders.

These appropriate solutions could involve moving events to a different date, or issuing vouchers if another date is not possible. By paying less refunds, the cultural sector hopes to have more funds and space available to work on future events.

This initiative is supported by the Dutch authority on consumers and markets ACM and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. On March 16th, Minister Ingrid van Engelshoven called on ticket holders for canceled events not to request refunds because she worried that the sector could not handle paying back so much money at once, according to