Joe Judge relying on dog, kids during draft prep


Giants coach Joe Judge is obviously slipping.

The rookie head coach, who would not name a starting quarterback, or even call any of his new players by name in his first two press conferences, has revealed the identity of man’s best friend.

According to Jordan Raanan of, Judge broke down and admitted that the family golden retriever Abby appears to be his top lieutenant in his work-from-home draft room.

“Right now she could probably tell you more about who we’re gonna take in the first round than anybody else,” Judge said.

Judge has been working 15 hours a day from his home office in his Massachusetts basement, which means the family dog has been by his side often.

He also said that he might have his four kids help him during the draft by taking the names off the wall as players are chosen.

“So, everybody is adjusted. I think if the worst thing we’re dealing with right now, to be honest with you, is working out of our basement, we’ve got it pretty good,” Judge said. “There are a lot of people out there right now who don’t have jobs to go to with the situation, there are police, fire department, nurses who leave their house every day and leaving their family behind and putting themselves out there to protect us.

“I think there are people we have to acknowledge with the right perspective, that have it a lot tougher than a bunch of football coaches trying to function getting ready for an offseason and a draft.”

He also has the benefit of being surrounded by family and a trusted pet. So like most dads puttering around the house, if the Giants’ draft turns out to stink, he can always blame it on the dog.