Half of temp workers have no available work


Half of the 275 thousand temporary workers in the Netherlands currently have no or almost no work due to the ongoing health crisis, according to a study done by Maurice de Hond on behalf of trade union CNV. Another 40 percent of the over 500 respondents said they are worried that they will soon have no work.

“Very shocking figures,” CNV chairman Piet Fortuin said to RTL Nieuws. “The government supports employers with billions of euros to keep temporary workers in service. But despite all that support, employers have sent away their temporary workers en masse. Outrageous.”

Fortuin was referring to the so-called NOW emergency support regulation, through which the government will cover up to 90 percent of an employers’ wage bill to prevent companies from having to fire staff. Companies that make use of this regulation are not allowed to layoff staff, but this condition does not apply to temporary workers, according to RTL.

CNV calls on Minister Wouter Koolmees of Social Affairs and Employment to intervene and improve the vulnerable postilion temporary workers are in on the labor market. Currently, employers face stricter conditions when firing temporary workers after 1.5 years in service. CNV wants that period to be lowered to 6 months.